LifeGroups and The Story

Everyone at Valley View is going through The Story right now from the adults in Sunday morning worship to the kiddos down in KidzView and even our LifeGroups, who are working through The Story on a more personal level.

The start of The Story was kind of a launching point for the church where each person could get on the same page and learn the fundamentals of the Bible.

Since I am currently in charge of the adult LifeGroups at VVCC, this meant that I got to re-launch our ministry. We recruited and trained leaders, formed new groups, and branded the ministry. I am so excited that now our church has over 50% participation and we have placed nearly 100 new people into LifeGroups, with more groups and placements to come.

Here are a few things I designed and created for LifeGroups and for The Story:

LifeGroup Host FB Picture LifeGroup


The are just a few other resources I created for LifeGroups and The Story – this is the intro to the Binder that each LifeGroup leader received with their weekly lessons and personal devotions:

VVCC The Story Leader Guide Intro

This is a card that lists our Sunday Morning Electives during The Story. We decided to break the classes down into “Head, Heart, and Hands” based on the leader’s teaching style:

The Story Electives 2 Up

This is a card we are using at the Resource Center with additional reading based on our Sermon Series, classes, or just Staff Recommendations:

Resource Center Card

Daniel actually designed these icons – they break The Story down into the mini-series we are going through for Sunday Morning Worship: God and You, Age of Kings, Tell the Story, Savior, and Disciple.

The Story Icons


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