{Dallas Things to Do} Our Babymoon Adventure

I have never been camping. My idea of ‘roughing it’ is a hotel that doesn’t serve breakfast! However, Daniel’s family LOVES camping and goes regularly, so it’s odd that for the four years of our marriage I have somehow avoided this rite of passage. Well, no longer! I am a camper – I have the bug bites to prove it 🙂

I decided that we should go camping before we had a little one to complicate the matter and the perfect weekend coincided with my girl’s trip to Canton First Monday Trade Days. I planned our weekend – I would head over to Canton for the day with the girls then Daniel would pick me up at the end of the day. 1417709_10201503586488826_881059066_oWe would camp for the night and head back to Canton in the morning because he had never been. Unfortunately, I decided all of this two weeks before our trip. I had no idea at the time, but all the campsites near Canton fill up quickly during Trade Days, so when I looked on the website for Purtis Creek State Park the only campsites they had available were hike-in. I should have just stopped right then and tried for another day, but is that what I did? Of course not! I told Daniel I was up for it and we booked the hike-in campsite

1441534_10201503584088766_1752250702_nNow, just to remind you, this was our babymoon – I am seven months pregnant! We arrived with way too much stuff and hiked a mile into our campsite. We (well, Daniel) pitched the tent and started a fire. We had our dinner by the lake and watched the sun set while we ate s’mores.

It was actually a lot of fun – and it was wonderful to get away for an evening. We cooked hot dogs and watched a movie in our tent.
We saw a raccoon and a ten point buck. Of course it rained (when there was a ZERO percent chance!) while our rain flap was not on and our stuff got pretty wet, but it was a gorgeous night and I loved spending it under the stars with my best friend.

But can assure you that when I retell the story to our kids, it will definitely start with “You’ll never guess what your dad made me do…”



IMG_0048 IMG_0046




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