About Me


Hi! I’m Megan and this is where I share my creativity, passion, and adventures through party ideas, crafts, and graphic designs, as well as a little about my life.

Wit & Wander is a lifestyle blog focused on adding joy, creativity, and quirkiness into everyday life. On this blog, I share bits of everything from party ideas to clever crafts, designs that inspire me to adventures with my family. I hope to encourage you and to inspire you to try something new.

There are a few things about me that will likely shape this blog:

1. I am captivated by the camera – I used to own a photography business and still play around with it from time to time.

2. I am so blessed by my family. My husband is such an amazing man who challenges me, encourages me, and takes care of me. When I get a crazy plan for the weekend, he sees it through even if he already knows that going to the zoo in the middle of winter is a bad idea or that I won’t like the creepy Asian art museum as much as I think I will. I love sharing life with him! Our daughter (whose nickname is Sweet Girl), makes our lives so much more exciting. She makes sure my plans never quite go as expected, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We also have the most amazing parents and siblings who are so supportive – I can’t wait to share our crazy adventures.

3. I love using the creative part of my brain through crafting, graphic design, writing, cooking, and pretty much anything you can find on Pinterest. I am not an expert, but I always think it’s fun to try new things. The blog may be scatter-brained at times because I tend to like to do things in spurts – one month I’ll spend all my time crocheting, the next I’m painting, and the month after that I can’t be pulled away from my sewing machine.

4. Most importantly, I serve an incredible God whom I love with my whole heart. I seek to become more like Him daily and I hope that my overwhelming love for Him is evident within these pages.

Let me know if you have questions – I am excited to share life with you!


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