Fall 2014 Mini Sessions {Dallas, TX Holiday Photography}

I am excited to announce Fall 2014 Mini Sessions!

Hollands (1 of 19)Autumn is the perfect time to take your family portraits – to capture the memory of your family exactly as it is right now. Whether you have little ones or your children have moved from home, family photography can help you capture the moment and to have a beautiful photo for your Christmas card this year. Maybe you’re an engaged couple needing a few great pictures for your Save the Date cards or maybe you haven’t had professional photos taken since your wedding day. Maybe you are celebrating your anniversary or would like to “gift” a session to someone you love. No matter what season of life you are in, Mini Sessions are a beautiful and affordable way to get professional pictures of your family.

Mini Sessions are $50 and include 20 minutes of professional photography, 5-10 fully edited photos with printing rights, and a Christmas card design. Spaces are limited so fill out this form to reserve your spot today.

Mini Session FAQs

Who are mini sessions for?Negron Anniversary (3 of 38)

  • Families of all shapes and sizes (including couples, families with pets, families with young children, families with college age or adult children, etc.) who want some updated portraits for their Christmas cards or yearly family photography.
  • Engaged couples who want a few great portraits for Save the Date cards
  • Expectant moms who would like a few maternity portraits
  • Simplified high school senior portraits

558939_4867277836631_1829582935_nWhat is a Mini Session?

Mini Sessions are a shortened version of a regular lifestyle photography session. It basically allows us to get a few great shots of your entire family and a few photos of just the kids, individual shots, and perhaps a few candids. It is perfect for families who want some updated family shots for their holiday cards, Facebook, or frames.

How do I book a session?

Sessions are limited and are booked on a first come, first served basis. You can fill out this form to reserve your space. Please note that sessions may book very quickly.

Do we get all of the images on a disc from our session included?

Yes! You will receive a disc with 5-10 fully edited digital pictures from your session.

Harney (41 of 123)Will you provide props for our shoot, or can we bring them?

While I likely won’t be able to bring any large props (chairs, balloons, etc.) for these sessions, you are more than welcome to bring a few small things you would like to incorporate (bubbles, wagons, etc.)

I have more questions. How should I reach you?

Just e-mail me at witandwandershop [at] gmail.com and I’ll be happy to answer your questions as quickly as possible!

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{Dallas Things to Do} Our Babymoon Adventure

I have never been camping. My idea of ‘roughing it’ is a hotel that doesn’t serve breakfast! However, Daniel’s family LOVES camping and goes regularly, so it’s odd that for the four years of our marriage I have somehow avoided this rite of passage. Well, no longer! I am a camper – I have the bug bites to prove it 🙂

I decided that we should go camping before we had a little one to complicate the matter and the perfect weekend coincided with my girl’s trip to Canton First Monday Trade Days. I planned our weekend – I would head over to Canton for the day with the girls then Daniel would pick me up at the end of the day. 1417709_10201503586488826_881059066_oWe would camp for the night and head back to Canton in the morning because he had never been. Unfortunately, I decided all of this two weeks before our trip. I had no idea at the time, but all the campsites near Canton fill up quickly during Trade Days, so when I looked on the website for Purtis Creek State Park the only campsites they had available were hike-in. I should have just stopped right then and tried for another day, but is that what I did? Of course not! I told Daniel I was up for it and we booked the hike-in campsite

1441534_10201503584088766_1752250702_nNow, just to remind you, this was our babymoon – I am seven months pregnant! We arrived with way too much stuff and hiked a mile into our campsite. We (well, Daniel) pitched the tent and started a fire. We had our dinner by the lake and watched the sun set while we ate s’mores.

It was actually a lot of fun – and it was wonderful to get away for an evening. We cooked hot dogs and watched a movie in our tent.
We saw a raccoon and a ten point buck. Of course it rained (when there was a ZERO percent chance!) while our rain flap was not on and our stuff got pretty wet, but it was a gorgeous night and I loved spending it under the stars with my best friend.

But can assure you that when I retell the story to our kids, it will definitely start with “You’ll never guess what your dad made me do…”



IMG_0048 IMG_0046



{Dallas Things to Do} Dallas’ Best BBQ

Lately, Daniel and I have been watching a show on Netflix called BBQ Pitmasters. They follow these amazing BBQ chefs around the country, documenting as they fight their way through intense competitions. Needless to say, watching this show has left us with quite a craving for some excellent BBQ and the chain restaurants just weren’t making the cut. I did some digging and discovered one of the teams featured later on the show was from a restaurant here in Dallas – Lockhart Smokehouse.

We ventured out of North Dallas through downtown and we arrived at the Bishop Arts District. We had never visited the Bishop Arts District before, so we weren’t sure what to expect, but it was exactly what we were craving. The location was great – tons of unique shops with amazing design elements. By the time we got to Lockhart, we were already planning to walk around after lunch.  But that’s not the most important part…

The Barbecue…OH MY the barbecue!! It was SO GOOD. They pride themselves on having moist, flavorful meat that doesn’t require sauce and they succeed! It was easily the best meat I have ever tasted – seasoned perfectly and just melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I had some turkey and a sausage link, while Daniel got the brisket (their specialty). On the website, it described the burnt ends of the brisket as ‘meat candy’ and I thought it would be an exaggeration, but it was not! It was fantastic and we can’t wait to go back (and take friends!)

Photo Jan 23, 12 50 57 PM

Photo Jan 23, 1 03 21 PM

Photo Jan 23, 1 03 07 PM Photo Jan 23, 1 21 14 PM Photo Jan 23, 1 21 30 PM Photo Jan 23, 1 21 40 PM

Photo Jan 23, 12 52 35 PM Photo Jan 23, 1 35 21 PM Photo Jan 23, 12 49 26 PM Photo Jan 23, 12 50 07 PM

Our stroll through the Bishop Arts District left me feeling inspired to design all afternoon – here are a few of the fun shops we found:

Photo Jan 23, 1 33 19 PM Photo Jan 23, 1 37 14 PM Photo Jan 23, 1 44 42 PM Photo Jan 23, 1 49 49 PM