A Month in Photos | September

SeptemberThis Month’s Highlights:

  • A giant, toothy grin has appeared!
  • It was cold enough to wear sweaters for one day, so we took advantage of it.
  • Sweet girl has discovered the piano – she really enjoys the music and trying to eat the lights.
  • Our LifeGroup at church hosted a ‘Sugar & Spice’ baby shower for one of the girls in our group.
  • The hubby’s mom and sister came to visit for a week, so forts were built, paper dolls were played with, and fun was had by all!



A Month in Photos | July


This Month’s Highlights:

  • Not one, but TWO family vacations – Florida and Branson, MO
  • Sweet girl’s first time in the Ocean!
  • Her very first Silver Dollar City visit – she wasn’t thrilled with the roller coasters, but throughout the trees were really nice.

Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration 6 – could words be made that sound sweeter to my ears!? I don’t think so!! I got to travel to Orlando to spend a week with my dad at a Star Wars Convention and at Universal Studios (Wizarding World of Harry Potter). It was SO MUCH fun and I can’t wait to go back when the convention comes back to the States! Here are some pictures from our adventures:

Celebration 6 (2 of 241)

A giant AT-AT and Death Star greeted you when you walked through the convention doors – I felt like I was home 🙂
Celebration 6 (11 of 241) Celebration 6 (15 of 241)

There were so many amazing costumes – Darth Vader, Wookies, Stormtroopers, Ewoks, and more Jedis than I could count!

Celebration 6 (28 of 241)

They had a car display and I found my dream car – 
Celebration 6 (43 of 241) Celebration 6 (45 of 241)

They had movie sets set up in different areas that you could take pictures with – they looked like the real thing.

Celebration 6 (89 of 241) Celebration 6 (96 of 241)

My new project:Celebration 6 (121 of 241)

I got a few ‘mini’ drawings from an amazing artist – Katie Cook. They are now framed above my mantel 🙂

Celebration 6 (142 of 241)

Iron Man R2D2Celebration 6 (152 of 241)

We saw Carrie Fisher’s Q&A, as well – she’s a little crazy, but HILARIOUS!

Celebration 6 (168 of 241)

Only at Star Wars Celebration!

Celebration 6 (171 of 241) Celebration 6 (180 of 241) Celebration 6 (185 of 241)

When Star Wars Celebration ended, we stayed in Orlando for a few days to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Growing up, dad always took me to the midnight premiers and the book release parties at Barns & Noble, so it’s always been something special I share with him!
Celebration 6 (211 of 241) Celebration 6 (214 of 241) Celebration 6 (216 of 241) Celebration 6 (217 of 241)

Butterbeer was AMAZING – it’s basically a cream soda with a butterscotch foam and it was delicious!Celebration 6 (221 of 241) Celebration 6 (232 of 241)

It was such an incredible adventure and I can’t wait to go back!