25 Things for My 25th

I am turning 25 tomorrow and in honor of my jump into the next quarter century of life, I thought it would be fun to share 25 things about myself. I usually share about our sweet girl or our family, so this is a little different, but humor me. So, here are 25 things about me for my 25th birthday!

  1. I love being creative, but the way I use that creativity changes almost monthly. One month I’ll dive into crocheting, the next month will be spent trying new recipes, then writing a children’s book, then painting, then sewing and embroidery. I am always working on something, but it is never the same thing for long. I don’t have to worry though, it will come around again the next year.
  2. I am extremely introverted. I used to think this was a terrible thing and something I surely had to overcome to be used by God, but I have come to realize it is a beautiful part of my personality that allows me to care deeply for a few people at a time in ways that are unique to introverts.
  3. My favorite show ever is Survivor and I love almost any reality TV competition show. I also love Parks & Recreation, the Amazing Race, and Doctor Who.
  4. I have been our of the country twice – once to Mexico and once to Australia.
  5. I am pretty good at english, but would fail a middle school geography test.
  6. I gave campus tours for our college one summer despite my introversion. It was actually a lot of fun!
  7. I think adoption is an incredibly beautiful picture of God’s heart for people. I have to stop myself from getting overly excited when I see families who have likely adopted or I will become the creepy girl gushing over how beautiful their family is.
  8. I have a hard time with change, but once you have won me over, I will be a loyal fan for life.
  9. Though I am introverted, I love planning events for people to enjoy. Whether it’s a small gathering at our house for a game night, a party for friends, or a huge celebration at the church, I love executing a plan and exceeding people’s expectations. (But after the event, I will definitely need a nap.)
  10. I’m pretty sure that the combination of chocolate (especially dark chocolate) and pretzels is mankind’s greatest invention.
  11. My favorite iPhone app is ‘Notes’ – I have more than 70 notes on my phone (and I delete old ones regularly!). If I start a list of something, I can not sleep at night until it is finished.
  12. I hate coffee. People tell me I will get used to it one day, but to this day the only drink I can handle at Starbucks is a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.
  13. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day.
  14. I make a huge effort to get places on time, but I am still pretty consistently late. Having a baby did not help this terrible trait.
  15. I have a ridiculous number of favorite movies. I think I’ve arrived at my very favorite until someone mentions another movie I love, then it’s back to the drawing board. My ‘Top 5 Movies’ list is about 20 movies long.
  16. One of my biggest pet peeves is small talk. First, I am inexplicably terrible at it. Second, if I am going to spend emotional energy on a conversation, I want it to mean something. Small talk takes so much more energy than a conversation where I learn something about you or help you bear a burden.
  17. I am a bit of a geek. I have been to C2E2 and Star Wars Celebration, my daughter’s nursery is decorated in Star Wars, and my husband and I often have dates to comic book shops. Also, our date nights are precious now that we have a daughter and what have we done for the last two dates? We saw Guardians of the Galaxy…twice.
  18. I hate driving. I have only very recently driven more than four hours consecutively. I do, however, love a good road trip. Road trips with me have been known to include sing-a-longs, the newlywed game, Star Wars radio drama, and stops at delicious one-of-a-kind restaurants.
  19. I love going to festivals and conventions. Whether it’s an art festival downtown, a foodie event at the fair grounds, or a comic convention, I get a thrill being united with people who share a common interest. Also, I love freebies and goodie bags more than any reasonable woman should.
  20. Silver Dollar City holds a special place in my heart. There is nothing like entering the park to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls, the rush you feel on your first Thunderation ride of the day, and the cool root beer float as you watch the Saloon show. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth.
  21. My other favorite place is Disney World. I am consistently amazed by their quality, customer service, and attention to detail. They knock it out of the park at every turn and it makes me so excited to go back.
  22. I love board games. From Apples to Apples to Settlers of Catan and everything in between, our house is full of board games. If you stay with us, it’s almost certain that we will stay up way too late playing board games.
  23. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but my birthday is a close second. It’s not even the gifts (though I will admit, my husband is an excellent gift-giver) – it’s that my love language is words of affirmation. I am always floored by the kindness of my friends and family who go out of their way to make me feel loved during my birthday. Also, October is just the best month of the year!
  24. I could drink orange juice all day, every day. Alright, I may be scraping the bottom of the barrel for ‘interesting’ facts about me, but man I love the stuff!
  25. My family means the world to me. They are incredibly encouraging, supportive, and challenging. Without them, I would live in the middle of nowhere and stay inside my house for 9 months out of the year.

So that’s it – 25 Things about me! Do we have anything in common?

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